What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 15 Sep 2021

Wednesday (15/9), the Bureau of Internship & Career Center (ICC), President University (PresUniv), again held a webinar to support the readiness of students and graduates who want to continue their studies. This webinar, which is a collaboration between the ICC bureau with BritCham and the University of Suffolk, United Kingdom (UK), brings up the topic of How to Prepare Yourself for An Interview. Speakers for this webinar are Mike Macias and Kevin McDonnell, both from the International Office, University of Suffolk.

According to JB Susetiyo, Director of ICC, The interview is a crucial selection process for continuing studies abroad. “So students or alumni need to prepare themselves. For example, by getting all information related to the department and the destination university," he said. Moreover, in the interview process, students not only answer the questions but also have to "grab the heart" of the interviewer. The rest pay attention to technical aspects, such as the quality of the internet network, especially if the interview is done online.

In his presentation, Mike Macias invited all webinar participants to know more about the University of Suffolk. "The view is beautiful because our campus is on the coastline," said Macias. Another speaker, McDonnell, shared tips for his on-campus interview. “Interview is not a test. This is more about what we get to know you better and what you want to learn. So, in this interview, there is no right or wrong answer," said McDonnell. According to McDonnell, interviewers also usually want to know students' future career plans, so they can provide input on lecture materials that support student plans. The webinar ended with a demo interview between McDonnell and an international student at the University of Suffolk. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: JB Susetiyo)