What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 07 Sep 2021

Many companies are yet to do digital transformation. The Covid-19 pandemic has urged businesses to do this. Then, for companies that want to carry out digital transformation, what should be done? To answer this problem, the Master of Management in Technology (MM in Tech) Study Program, President University (PresUniv), invited Doni Budiono, CSCA, CPLM, Senior Operation Manager of PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) to be a speaker in a webinar entitled “Digital Transformation and Managing Innovation in Supply Chain: The Case of Terminal Operator,” Thursday (2/9). JICT is a company engaged in the container loading and unloading service business that has won the TOP Digital Implementation 2020 award on Port Sector #Level Stars 4 in the 2020 TOP Digital Awards event.

This webinar also presents Dr. Hally Hanfiyah, lecturer of the MM in Tech Study Program, PresUniv, as a speaker. Hally revealed, there have been changes in the industry during the pandemic. One of the influencing factors is the development of technology. "Nowadays, companies are faced with several challenges of managing changes in a technology world, such as the variety of products, product life cycle, demanding customer, segmentation of supply chain, globalization, and logistics costs," he said. How does the company adapt to this? According to Hally, currently, there is an agile supply chain option, where companies must be able to balance efficiency with service levels in the form of responsiveness. "The agile supply chain is strongly influenced and determined by technology," he explained.

Meanwhile, Doni explained the key success of implementing gate automation by the WIM system at JICT. Doni said that the gate automation system is JICT's innovation in terms of developing a smart port. In planning the project, JICT carried out four stages: technology design, technology readiness level, infrastructure design, and IT landscape development. “In the first stage, we conducted a feasibility test for the gate system technology. Next, we set up the Weigh in Motion (WIM) technology which can improve the accuracy of container measurement. We are also developing infrastructure both in terms of gate building and IT to support the project,” he explained. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Gilang Suryanata)