What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 03 Sep 2021

While studying at President University (PresUniv), students should not only focus on academic activities. Join in various non-academic activities. Take part in sports clubs, music clubs, photography, and various other clubs because these activities will play an essential role in building networks. If someone has a vast network, it will significantly determine his success during college and after graduation.

That is what Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Susilo Soepandji, DEA, Chairman of the President's University Education Foundation (YPUP) said, during the Founder's Talk event at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Cikarang, Bekasi, Friday (3/9). The Founder's Talk, which was held offline, was attended by a limited audience, 31 new PresUniv students from various provinces throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, thousands of other new students attended online. The Founder's Talk was also part of a series welcoming new students with the theme We Prepare Your Career from Day 1.

PresUniv Rector Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto completes the greeting of Prof. Budi. He said, “PresUniv has a golf course facility. Students can use these facilities to practice golf. Why is playing golf important in the business? Because many business negotiations take place on the golf course. Not at the conference tables." So, continued Prof. Jony, take advantage of the golf course and all the facilities at PresUniv, both academic facilities, such as various laboratories, and non-academic ones to develop student's competencies. In fact, on that occasion, Prof. Jony strongly encourages students to master a second foreign language. “So, not only English, but students also need to learn other foreign languages, such as Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and so on. All these facilities are available in PresUniv,” said Prof. Johnny. (JB Susetiyo, PR team. Photo: Silvia Desi Betrice)