Published: 28 Jun 2022

President University Communication Study Program (PresUniv) held a webinar entitled Career in Corporate Communications: The Naked Truth, Thursday (23/6). The webinar was delivered by Rizka Laksmi, Head of Communications at PT SAP Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In this webinar, Rizka Laksmi conveyed the true facts about corporate communications which differ from the general perception of corporate communication, which is thought to be very glamorous with lots of parties and lots of connections.

According to Rizka, corporate communication is actually very hectic with many different activities required every day. "In reality, there's a lot of hard work in it," she stressed. She said that this profession has high work related pressure and sometimes has conflicting priorities with management. This is because corporate communications are at the forefront of a company's strategic direction and very often requires close collaboration with management and other departments. But, she said, as a career it's also has an advantage, the opportunity to make a wide range of connections gained from interacting with so many different people.

For a career in Corporate Communications, there are many required skills, namely writing, public speaking, the ability to perform research and analysis. According to her, “Once you have the required skills and characteristics, it will be easier to review  every line of a corporate communication.” Then in terms of managing corporate communications itself, Rizka reminded that every communication conveyed must have a consistent narrative so that people can see the company's image as management desires. (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Doc. PresUniv Communication Study Program)