Published: 16 Sep 2021

Maulana Azis, a student of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program at President University (PresUniv), participated in the National Welding Competition (NWC) 2021 as a finalist, Thursday (9/9). NWC is a welding competition that is participated by state and private polytechnic or higher education students from all over Indonesia. This competition was organized by the Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bandung, attended by more than one hundred participants from various universities in Indonesia. This year, NWC raised the theme “Persahabatan dan Kompetensi untuk Menguatkan Pendidikan Vokasi.”

Maulana said six categories to be contested in NWC 2021: plate welding SMAW 2G, plate welding SMAW 3G, plate welding GMAW 3G, pipe welding SMAW 2G, pipe welding GMAW 5G, and pipe welding GTAW 2G. In this competition, Maulana took the plate welding GMAW 3G category. “This category is a process for welding blunt joint plates that are beveled or chamfered 30°. Then, it is connected with the same material with a vertical plate position. The welding process is translucent, and the translucent surface must be good, wherein the results behind it, welding is carried out from the bottom up,” he explained.

Maulana said that this competition consisted of two rounds, namely preliminary and final. In the preliminary round, all participants from the six categories took an online pre-selection exam consisting of a written test and welding. In this round, Maulana entered the TOP 4 in the plate welding GMAW 3G category on Saturday (28/8). According to Maulana, the results depend on how the training process has been maximized. "So, do not underestimate training," he concluded. (Gilang Suryanata H, PR team. Photo: Maulana Aziz)