Published: 18 Jul 2021

As a form of support from President University (PresUniv) to students who want to start their careers as young entrepreneurs, therefore, PresUniv, through the Corporate Entrepreneur Webinar, held a webinar entitled "Entrepreneurial Spirit in President University", Friday (2/7). This webinar was also attended by two speakers, namely Dr. Dra. Genoveva, M.M., Head of Management Study Program, an Entrepreneur and Billy Verian Salim, an Entrepreneur, and also PresUniv alumnus batch 2012.

Genoveva, in her session, explained that entrepreneurial spirit makes a person have a high quality so that he can provide added value to the environment or company. "Therefore, creative thinking is needed so that it can perform work faster, better, and more satisfying to consumers," she said. She also emphasized that to have an entrepreneurial spirit, we do not have to be an entrepreneur because all fields of work can have it.

Genoveva said that PresUniv is currently implementing an entrepreneurial spirit through the Merdeka Curriculum as of September 2020. In this curriculum, students will get the integrative survival experience 1&2 course with Business Plan project and can study outside their study program. PresUniv also accepts other university students who want to exchange courses, and support student activities such as seminars, company visits, to national and international competitions.

Meanwhile, in the second session, Billy shared his knowledge about the world of work. Three points must be considered: being different from others, getting the intentions of others through achievements, and creating interactions and relationships. Billy said this based on his personal experience, and according to him, PresUniv is very helpful in developing soft skills to hard skills. Billy then closed his session by saying, "Do not be lazy to study because knowledge is not only about learning in lectures but also through relationships." (Lita Gabriella, PR Team. Photo: Lita).