Published: 04 Jun 2021

The Meet President University (PresUniv) team became the first winner of the Millenial Stock Case Competition in the Creative Opportunity in Management Investment Competition 4 (COMIC 4), Tuesday (29/5). This team consists of Perina Amelia, Nadya, and Kezia Sharon Christabella, all of them are Student of Management Study Program, PresUniv, batch 2019. COMIC 4 was organized by Trisakti School of Management with the theme “Millennial Investors for a Brighter Financial Future”. This year, COMIC 4 consisted of three competitions: the Millenial Stock Case Competition, Investment Influencer Video, and Investment Poster Competition.

This stock case competition was participated by more than 20 teams from various universities in Indonesia, who were then selected to become the top 10 to advance to the final round. Perina said, “The selection and presentation process was quite tight. Our point was slightly different from other teams. When working on the case, we found difficulties in selecting issuers on the list provided by the committee.” In the process, the Meet Team was trying to find the latest data, information, and news to understand the issuer better.

Perina admitted that they wanted to try to join the new competition category through this stock case competition. “Previously, we participated in a business plan or business case competition. Through this stock case competition, we hope that our capabilities are not only limited to the business plan or business case competitions but also stock cases and also to seek new experiences," she said. Perina also revealed that they were very touched to win this competition after three months of participating in various stock analysis competitions. (Gilang Suryanata, PR team. Photo: Perina Amelia)