Published: 03 Jun 2021

Again, Rey Abraham, student of the International Relations Study Program, President University (PresUniv) batch 2018 accomplished another achievement. This time, Rey won First Place in the Naradipta EO Speech Competition, Yogyakarta State University. The speech competition held by Yogyakarta State University was attended by 23 students from all universities in Indonesia.

This competition was carried out in several stages, namely the preliminary stage as the first stage which was held on (3/5), then the Announcement of Finalists on (5/5), until finally the Grand Final on (8/5). At the Grand Final stage, Rey did a live presentation with the theme The Youth Contribution through Technology in Economic Recovery in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in COVID-19 Era".

Rey revealed that her speech talked about how the contribution of young people is actually very meaningful, apart from the fact that young people are full of ideas, they are also critical and will become leaders in the future. "Young people are agents of change," he said. In addition, Rey said that young people must also be adaptive to technological developments and innovate. In his speech he shared tips for young people, namely looking for innovation, taking concrete actions starting from small things, seeing their potential, and increasing it. "This is so that young people do not become ordinary but extraordinary," he explained. (Silvia Desi Betrice. Photo: Rey)