Primary School Teacher Education


To be an innovative primary school teacher education study program by developing a professional, competence, creative educators with character and IT literacy, accompanied by the spirit of entrepreneurship, multicultural and comprehensive global perspective



  • To do education activities, research and community service on professional and qualified primary school teacher education environment.
  • To conduct a qualified studies and research in curriculum, environment of  learning, resources of learning, management and primary school teacher education administration, and actively give contribution on science development which is relate with developing quality of primary school teachers.
  • To develop a creative attitude, character, and IT literacy
  • To conduct academic activities based on entrepreneur spirit, multicultural, and a comprehensive global perspective


What is Primary School Teacher Education all about?

Primary school teacher education (PSTE) is a study program that produces qualified primary school teachers in dealing with children aged 6-12 years who are known as the 'golden age'. Students of PSTE will learn how to become a primary school teacher who has a good understanding of their vocation (profession) as a teacher in terms of: attitude, behavior, and has characters that can be replicated by their student. in addition, students of PSTE will learn to be able to recognize the characteristics of their student in primary schools of the physical, moral, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual. it will assist them in determining the best approaches/methods to be applied in their classes.    

President university has a seriousness and attention to the quality of Indonesia’s primary school teachers who can prepare the student that can acquire knowledge and develop into useful, responsible citizens and future leaders. Therefore, the study program of PSTE President University has designed a curriculum that is able to accommodate the concept of primary education curriculum by allowing mastery of technical skills, soft skills, and entrepreneurship comprehensively to all students. The hope is study program of PSTE President University can produce teachers who have the spirit of creative, innovative, and develope the potential of the entrepreneurial spirit, multicultural, and global outlook.


Tag Line Profile

Study program of Primary school teacher education President University want to produces a graduate as a primary school teacher with 3C : Calling, Character, and Competence.


Educational subjects

  1. Curriculum development : Planning, procsess of learning, and assesment of learning in primary education
  2. Teaching and learning
  3. Integrated learning
  4. Educational management: school based management, class management
  5. Educational psychology of primary student : student development, counseling, special need education for primary school
  6. International curriculum study


Study program subjects

  1. Science concept and development science learning
  2. Social science concept and development social science learning
  3. Indonesian Language for primary school and development language learning
  4. Art (music, dance, drama, and craft) concept and development art learning
  5. Citizhenship for primary school


Career development subjects

  1. Multicultural study
  2. Teacherpreneurship in primary education
  3. Global perspective
  4. Digital learning in primary education
  5. Teacher professional training program (internship)
  6. Undergraduate thesis


What is the next primary school teacher to be?

A.Teacher in primary school

  • Have a calling to educate primary school-age children with a character of honest and noble
  • Showing as a personal who are steady, stable, mature, wise and dignified as well as he/she can be a role model for students and the community
  • Having a knowledge about the national and international curriculum, so he/she is ready to teach anywhere
  • Recognizing the characteristics of their student in primary schools of the physical, moral, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual
  • Having a knowledge about the competencies of five basic subjects as well as arts and sports
  • Developing the student learning experience based on the competence of subjects in accordance with the characteristics of students
  • Conducting the assessments of learning as well as self-reflection for the development of better learning
  • Having good communication and collaboration skills, and internalize the spirit of entreprneurship, multicultural and global outlook
  • Mastering in Indonesia and foreign languages, i.e. English as the language of instruction and literacy

B. Researcher in primary school education field

  • Having awareness of the problems that exist in themselves, student, class, school, and society related to the learning.
  • Doing reflective action through research in order to find a solution to the problems that exist in themselves, student, class, school, and society related to the learning.
  • Making the published scientific research articles.

C. Practitioners in primary school education field

  • Having a strong commitment that embodied in the creative and innovative ways to improve the learning quality sustainably, as well as showing a willingness to take risks through innovations developed.
  • Having the skills and commitment to disseminate the knowledge and problem-solving in learning to others (teachers, institutions, ieducational industry) through scientific forums (seminars, workshops, training) or other forms in national and international scope

Professional Outcomes

  1. Teacher in primary school
    • Primary teacher in national based curriculum.
      Field Work : Private / public primary school
    • Primary teacher in international based curriculum.
      Field Work : Regional / international primary school
  2. Researcher in primary school education field
    • Research in primary education study.
    • Research in development of learning model in primary school.
  3. Practitioners in primary school education field
    • Primary school tutor.
      Field Work : Independent/ join to consultant of education institute

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