School of Humanities

School of Humanities concentrates mainly on those studies that specialize in deepening our understanding of what it means to be human. It is concerned with the spiritual and cultural issues that arise as the result of the processes of development and change both at the local and global levels.

Majors / Study Programs

The International Relations study programme offers two concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Diplomacy
  • Defence Studies

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The Communication study programme offers two concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Public Relations
  • Broadcasting (Film and Television)

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The Law study programme offers two concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Business Law
  • International Law

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The Primary School Teacher Education study programme offers six major educational subjects to prepare the students in entering the profession: 

  • Curriculum Development: Planning, Process of Learning, and Assessment of Learning in Primary Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Integrated Learning
  • Educational Management: School Based Management and Class Management
  • Educational Psychology of Primary Student: Student Development, Counseling, and Special Need Education for Primary School
  • International Curriculum Study

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Dean of School of Humanities

Drs. Teuku Rezasyah, MA., Ph.D

Message from Dean of School of Humanities

With utmost pleasure, I welcome you to the Web page of the School of Humanities of the President University. 

Established in 2009, the Faculty of Humanities incorporates four Study Programs: Communications, Elementary Education, International Relations, and Law. 

The Faculty has, through its teaching, research and community service activities, contributed tremendously to human resources development in the West Java region and Indonesia at large. 

In doing so, the Faculty has fully utilized its strategic partnerships with PT. Jababeka., Tbk,  which manages the  Jababeka Industrial Complex, incorporating 1.500 Multinational Corporations representing 33 countries.  The Faculty has also utilized its own  professional links with Indonesian ministries and state offices; Indonesian embassies all over the world; foreign embassies, trade offices and international organizations inside Indonesia; reputable law firms; national and international medias; as well as production houses  linked to film and television industries. 

Our lecturers have been carefully selected from reputable universities in Asia, America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania, taking consideration on the linearity of their under-graduate and post-graduate degrees, as well as their teaching experiences, past researches, and international connections.  They had to perform a teaching demonstration in front of the university panel, continued with supervised teaching and research assignments for 2 years, then formally assigned to work as permanent lecturers.

The accumulation of lecturers of diverse backgrounds helped students to speed up their study commitment, and designed their internship from the early year of their study. 

Welcome to Cikarang. We are away from Jakarta. But we are closer to the globalization theatre.


Teuku Rezasyah, Ph.D

Dean, School of Humanities, President University