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Becoming the center of excellence in higher education of Information Technology that is adaptable to global changes and being engaged in industries.


  1. To administer high quality learning process in science and technology of Information Technology producing high quality and professional graduates who have strong scientific background and broad insight.
  2. To conduct high quality research and development in Information Technology science and technology focusing on business process support for industries
  3. To advocate and endorse the implementation of Information Technology in community development to improve social live quality.
  4. To have (joint) cooperation with Government, Industries, and Privates in implementing the Information Technology’s benefits and advantages for services improvement.


About Study Program

As an academic discipline, Information Technology focuses on preparing graduates who are concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. 

Information technology is a label that has two meanings. In the broadest sense, the term information technology is often used to refer to all of computing. In academia, it refers to undergraduate degree programs that prepare students to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, schools, and other kinds of organizations. In some nations, other names are used for such degree programs.  Information Systems focuses on the information aspects of information technology.  

Information Technology is the complement of that perspective: its emphasis is on the technology itself more than on the information it conveys. IT is a new and rapidly growing field that started as a grassroots response to the practical, everyday needs of business and other organizations. Today, organizations of every kind are dependent on information technology. They need to have appropriate systems in place.

These systems must work properly, be secure, and be upgraded, maintained, and replaced as appropriate. Employees throughout an organization require support from IT staff who understand computer systems and their software and are committed to solving whatever computer-related problems they might have. Graduates of Information Technology programs address these needs. 

Degree programs in information technology arose because degree programs in the other computing disciplines were not producing an adequate supply of graduates capable of handling these very real needs. IT programs exist to produce graduates who possess the right combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to take care of both an organization’s information technology infrastructure and the people who use it.

IT specialists assume responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization, integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure, and installing, customizing, and maintaining those applications for the organization’s computer users.

Examples of these responsibilities include the installation of networks; network administration and security; the design of web pages; the development of multimedia resources; the installation of communication components; the oversight of email systems; and the planning and management of the technology lifecycle by which an organization’s technology is maintained, upgraded, and replaced. 



  • Programming Concept
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • 3D Computer Graphics and Animation 
  • Computer Network
  • Client-Side internet programming 
  • Server-Side Internet Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Database System
  • Formal Language & Automata
  • Wireless Computing
  • Artificial Intelligent 
  • Compiler Design
  • Machine Learning 
  • Computer and Network Security

Professional Outcomes

  • Web Designer
  • Programmers
  • Network Administrator
  • Business System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • Information Technology Administrator
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Database Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Information System Project Manager
  • Information System Auditor
  • Computer Animator and Game Designer

Study and graduated before four years seems to be my ambition furthering my study at undergraduate degree. However, I get not only time saved but also valuable knowledge and experiences during my study at President University. The lecturers also are expert in the field that they taught and encourage us to become a critical thinker. The university also obliged internship program as one of the requirement to earn the bachelor degree. The internship is very valuable program for the students because it prepares the student to understand the real condition of workplace and adapt to it., President University students that seeking for a job are usually welcomed because we are known for our reputation especially we can speak English well.

Octovianus Accounting Batch 2010 Deloitte Indonesia (KAP Osman Bing Satrio&Eny)

For me, the most impressive part about studying computing at PRESUNIV is the excellence of teaching. This is something that is missing in many institutions.

Genaldy Jiwari Pati Senda IT 2010

President University is a great place to develop students. It is proven from the teaching methods that put the students as the subject of learning point. They will involve directly and participate actively in the class room. Additionally, the university emphasizes on entrepreneurship for all students in terms of skills, knowledge, and character because I believe that entrepreneur is about mind set.

Clerence Victoria Business Owner, School of Victoria Make-up Artist, BA 2010

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