School of Computer Science

Computer Science is the theoretical study and practical application of computation, including such topics as: design and maintenance of software systems, distributed systems, human-computer interaction, computational modeling, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, programming languages, image processing, and computer graphics. The use of information technology in almost every corner of human activity continue to create opportunities for our graduates.


Becoming the Indonesian leading center for computer learning and development in 2022, able to compete globally and to actively participate in supporting the industries.


  • Delivering outstanding teaching and learning activities in the field of computer science and technology.
  • Conducting excellent research and development in the field of computer science and technology, especially those that support industrial needs.
  • Conducting community service and empowerment in the field of computer science.
  • Collaborating with industries, companies, government, and other computer technology institutions.


Majors / Study Programs

Visual Communication Design (VCD) is one of specialization of design field that learns about the concept of communication and creative expression, techniques, and media by using visual elements to deliver the informative, communicative and effective message that serves a certain purpose ( informative or persuasive purposes to affect the behavior of the user)

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The Information Technology study programme offers five concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession:

  • Database Design
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Computing

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The Information System study programme offers eight concentrations to prepare the students in entering the profession:

  • e-Business and e-Commerce
  • Management Information System
  • Business Intelligence
  • Decision Support System
  • Multimedia System
  • Information System Audit and Control
  • Information System Security
  • Computer Animation and Game

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Dean School of Computer Science

Rila Mandala, Ph.D

Message from Dean School of Computer Science

Welcome to the School of Computer Science. We are delighted that you are visiting us and happy to provide you with the information you need. Prospective students from Indonesia and abroad are invited to consider studying here. School of Computer Science provides many attractive opportunities for students. Our school was established in 2002. Since then our students, faculty, staff, and alumni continue to contribute in significant ways to our reputation as a very strong school for the study of computer science.

Currently, we have 3 undergraduate programs, which are:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Business and Management Information Systems

  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

Our internship program makes it possible for our students to earn an income and obtain practical experiences on the job. We also offer graduate programme Master of Information Technology. Our study programmes are accredited as good and excellence by the research and higher education ministry BAN-PT.

We at the School of Computer Science pride ourselves on many things. We take pride in our extraordinary students and in our graduates who have excelled and continue to excel in many different places across Indonesia and throughout the world. We pride on our academic excellence, the relevance of our 3 undergraduate programmes and our master’s programmes to the country and the region, and on the high demand for our graduates regionally, nationally, and internationally. We take pride as well in our qualified faculty and staff who are working hard to ensure the best quality education for our students.

Once you decide to invest in us, we will take that very seriously. Hold us accountable to meeting your needs as you pursue your dream and we guide you to becoming a member of the computer-related profession.

Finally, if you join us, it will be a time of exciting challenges as well as academic and personal growth for you. We are here to help you overcome the challenges and obtain your degree.



Rila Mandala, Ph.D

Dean of School of Computer Science