Business Administration

School of Business


To be an international standard school of business in 2025, ackowledged by the surrounding industry and the society


  1. To instill a global mindset in the school of business family
  2. To ensure a meaningful professional engagement with the industry and the society
  3. To make an impact on industry and society by applied research and relevant community service
  4. To encourage innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among the school of business faculty and students

Business Administration Study Program


To be an international standard Business Administration Study Program in 2025, acknowledged by the industries and surrounding communities


  1. To produce graduates with entrepreneurial mindset who understand business management with the utilization of information technology and the most updated business administration practices
  2. To produce graduates who can contribute to the development of industry, environment, and society
  3. To encourage the use of applied research that have a real impact on the industry and the state
  4. To learn and adopt best practices through international collaborations

About The Study Program

It dismays that Indonesia, as the fourth populated country in the world, has only 1.5% entrepreneur. For a country to sustain in the future it is a must to have at least 2% entrepreneur, hence ENTREPRENEUR concentration is offered to fulfill the gap. This concentration is for those visionaries who have passion to open a business in the future but do not know how.

This concentration is also offered for those who come from family business background and aim to grow the business into chain business or franchise. NOT ONLY that, having an entrepreneurial mindset as an employee is a way to climb for higher position faster than those who are not.  

Also for companies who are looking their future employees with ideas on how to develop the company better in the future and of course to sustain the tough competition starting next year with the coming of AFTA 2015.

Retail business in Indonesia shows potential growth of up to 15% per year; hence the requirement of store managers, merchandise managers, branch managers are really high. You can see the opening of Carrefour, Giant, Hero, minimarts, supermarkets, malls all over Indonesia are unstoppable.

Hence INTERNATIONAL RETAIL BUSINESS concentration is offered to answer the market demand of store managers, merchandise managers, branch managers since it is difficult to find a university to provide such concentration for undergraduate level.

Is it possible to buy a car without losing YOUR money? Is it possible to buy a house without losing YOUR money? Is it possible to finance our children education to a favorite school or university without losing YOUR money? The answer is YES. That is WEALTH MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL PLANNER concentrations are offered for. Come and prove it yourself.

Is Bali a country? NO. It is part of Indonesia. Do you know WHY most tourists think that Bali is a country? It is because most of them only know Bali instead of Indonesia. With characteristic of an archipelago, there are hundreds of places in Indonesia that can attract tourists coming there.

But, unfortunately, most graduates from hospitality and tourism management are only prepared to work in the field instead of preparing them to open one. HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM BUSINESS in President University is not only preparing graduates to work in the industry but to also create a business for their future endeavor.



•    Family Business
•    Business Model Development
•    Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital
•    Entrepreneurship Seminar

International Retail
•    International Retail Operation
•    International Retail Marketing
•    Merchandising
•    Retail Seminar

Wealth Management & Financial Planning
•    Tax Planning
•    Retirement Planning
•    Estate Planning
•    Wealth Management Seminar

Hospitality and Tourism Business
•    Culinary Operations
•    F&B Service Management
•    FO Management and Operation
•    Mice Management
•    Hotel Operation System
•    Domestic, International Tour and Travel Management
•    Seminar in Hospitality


Institutional Partnership

  • Mitra Adiperkasa
  • Mandarin oriental hotel
  • Ritz carlton Hotel 
  • JW Marriott Hotel
  • Intercontinental Midplaza
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Ranchmarket
  • Lotte Mart

Professional Outcomes

  • Economics/Business Management Planners
  • Retail Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Management
  • HR Generalist/Specialist
  • Public Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Cost Accounting Staff/Officer/Manager

Uniqueness of Rolled Ice Cream by PresUniv's One of Business Administration Students at MetroTV








President University is a great place to develop students. It is proven from the teaching methods that put the students as the subject of learning point. They will involve directly and participate actively in the class room. Additionally, the university emphasizes on entrepreneurship for all students in terms of skills, knowledge, and character because I believe that entrepreneur is about mind set.

Clerence Victoria Business Owner, School of Victoria Make-up Artist, BA 2010

Study and graduated before four years seems to be my ambition furthering my study at undergraduate degree. However, I get not only time saved but also valuable knowledge and experiences during my study at President University. The lecturers also are expert in the field that they taught and encourage us to become a critical thinker. The university also obliged internship program as one of the requirement to earn the bachelor degree. The internship is very valuable program for the students because it prepares the student to understand the real condition of workplace and adapt to it., President University students that seeking for a job are usually welcomed because we are known for our reputation especially we can speak English well.

Octovianus Accounting Batch 2010 Deloitte Indonesia (KAP Osman Bing Satrio&Eny)

Study in the emerging Electrical Engineering Department at President University, was an important milestone in my life. Intensive teaching method and friendly faculty staffs has played significant role in helping to discover my academic potential.

Rendy Dalimunthe Electrical Engineering 2006 | IBM Indonesia | Master student at University College London

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