What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 21 Apr 2017

Cikarang, Indonesia — One of the International Relations Lecturers, Dr. phil. Reza Alexander Antonius Wattimena, S.S., M.Hum. launched two new books called Perspektif and Manajer/Filsuf: Mengelola Bisnis dan Dunia Dengan Sudut Pandang Filsafati on February and March.

Reza explained, those books are inspired by observing human life and the world, where Indonesia itself suffers a leadership and managerial crisis. In additions to that, there are a lot of parties who are making policies carelessly of which is leading the nation to a chaotic condition.

Perspektif contains life problems. from personal matters to the relations of the countries. The book is written in simple words with a deep content and offers a creative perspective to encounter problems and to rise up from failures.

The other book, Manajer/Filsuf: Mengelola Bisnis dan Dunia Dengan Sudut Pandang Filsafati, contains governance on how to manage business and the world with a philosophical point of view. Reza made an innovation by combining three disciplines in this book: Management, Politics, and Philosophy, which makes this book becomes the first Indonesian book with this theme. These two books are getting a warm feedback from its readers.

His passion in philosophy began since he was in High School, and currently he owns a program for
Personal Development and Organizational Development called “Sudut Pandang”. Besides those two books, he has launched many books, journals, and articles.

“I hope that the readers can discover ideas, inspirations, innovations, and involve in solving common problems whether in politics, business, organizations, and personal matter. Above all, I hope that they can make their life better”, said Reza. (SL)