He obtained his MA in Strategic Studies and International Relations from Lancaster University, UK, funded by British Chevening Scholarship and got his PhD from Flinders University, Australia, funded by Australian Development Scholarship. He is also a Fulbright Fellow and has also become a visiting fellow in Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen-Denmark and in Giessen University, Germany. He is actively involved with Dewan Ketahanan Nasional, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence, Republic of Indonesia and has special interests on Foreign policy, security and strategic studies.
He has become keynote speakers in many domestic and international conferences/seminars/workshop and has also written extensively in many domestic and international journals and books in International Relations and or strategic studies.
He convenes some core subjects in International Relations Study Programme, namely:
  • Introduction to Security Studies
  • Defence Policy: Theory and Practice
  • Strategic Environment
  • Introduction to International Relations


  • Introduction to Security Studies
  • Defence Policy; Theory and Practice
  • Maritime Security
  • Strategic Environment


  • Ph.D. in Asian Studies, Flinders University, Adelaide-Australia (2003)
  • M.A. in International Relations and Strategic Studies, Lancaster University, UK (1995)
  • Drs. International Relations, Parahyangan University, Bandung-Indonesia (1991)

Publication ()

  • Maritime Security in Indo-Pacific (co-editor with IGB Dharma Agastia), Yogyakarta: PT Graha Ilmu, 2016.
  • Kajian Konflik dan Perdamaian (co-editor with Nabilla Saban), Yogyakarta: PT Graha Ilmu, 2015.
  • Pengantar Kajian Strategis (Co-editor with Bantarto Bandoro), Yogyakarta: PT Graha Ilmu, 2013
  • Indonesia and the Muslim World: Islam and Secularism in the Foreign Policy of Soeharto and Beyond, Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2007.


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Prof. Anak Agung Banyu Perwita, Ph.D.

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