Electrical  Engineering  majoring in  Telecommunication.


Interested in:

  • Theorytical aspect : Mathematics.
  • Technological  and  operational aspect:  Electronic Warfare.



  • Conducting factory acceptance test  for a redar detector system  at  Thompson  CSF’ Factory  in France  on behalf of the Indonesian Navy.
  • Detecting  Australian  submarine  while  doing illegal  action  by  transmitting their submarine radar in restricted Indonesian sea.
  • Site seeing to underwater  submarine  base  in France  and  happened to see Russian  inteligent boat  while listening electronics signals.


  • Introduction to Radar Systems
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Analog Laboratory
  • Switching Technique


  • M.Sc., Naval Postgraduate School
  • Ir., Bandung Institute of Technology

Ir. Adhi Widjaja, M.Sc.

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