What's happening in PresUniv

Published: 22 May 2017

Bali, Indonesia — Christy Raina Septiningrum Mamesah, one of the students of Communication Study Programme majoring in Public Relations in President University was successfully reached the top 15 finalist of Miss Internet Indonesia held by Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) (30/4). The Grand Final Night took place in Inaya Putri Hotel, Bali and was attended by approximately 200 people.

Miss Internet Indonesia was held to search for an ambassador of APJII, expected to be a role model in good and safe Internet usage. This event is also aimed to make women actively involved in campaigning Internet positive.

Christy is one of the six successful contestants from Jakarta to compete in the national level, and set aside approximately 60 contestants from Jakarta only. APJII selected 36 contestants from 12 provinces in Indonesia to present their skills and ability in this prestigious event.

After being quarantined for a week, the 36 finalists presented themselves in the Grand Final night, and 15 finalists were chosen to have Q&A session. Three successful participants went to the next stage before finally one of them crowned as Miss Internet Indonesia.

Even though finalists are not required to make a project, but Christy initiated a project named Gerakan In-Post (Gerakan Internet Positif). This project was made to educate people to use Internet positively through online and offline campaign. The online campaign was done by uploading positive content on the Internet while the offline campaign was done through direct counseling to the society. She came to several schools such as Rumah Belajar Be Kind, SDN 1 Mekarmukti, and SMPN 1 Balikpapan campaigning about Internet positive.

“This event is different with the other beauty pageant competition. In Miss Internet Indonesia, beauty is not the main indicator, but skills like public speaking and a good manner are also strong points. This is because Miss Internet Indonesia is expected to be an agent of change in the Internet usage in Indonesia. I hope I can make a positive impact to the society through internet, and I also hope that Indonesia could be a developed country supported by smart society in the use of internet,” Said Christy. (SL)