What's happening in PresUniv

19 Mar 2019

President University Signs MoU with Indosat Ooredo to Strengthen Future Economy Ecosystem

President University menandatangani nota kesepahaman dengan PT Indosat Tbk yang diselenggarakan di Kantor Pusat Indosat, Jakarta (18/3). Kerja sama tersebut bertujuan untuk membangun ekosistem future economy yang dimulai dengan pembentukan laboratorium pengembangan ekonomi digital ‘IoT Innovation & Future Digital Economy Lab’.

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18 Mar 2019

Impact Circle: Less Plastics for a Better Future

AIESEC and International Relations Study Program of President University held a seminar titled “Impact Circle” at Charles Himawan Auditorium on Monday (11/03). The theme of the seminar was Plastic Waste which is in line with SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) number 14, Live Below Water.

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15 Mar 2019

Learning about Capital Market, President University Students Visit BNI Asset Management

Milenial generation shows more interest in the capital market. On this occasion, Accounting students of President University visited an investment manager company, PT BNI Asset Management. The aim of this visit is to introduce students to capital market.

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11 Mar 2019

President University held Seminar Nasional Pakar

President University successfully held Seminar Nasional Pakar on Saturday, March 2, 2019. This seminar is the 4th consortium which is held annually by several State and Private Universities throughout Indonesia. There were around 150 papers from 35 institutions in Indonesia presented in this seminar.

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04 Mar 2019

Congratulations Visual Communication Design President University for The “B” Accreditation Result

In two years, President University’s Visual Communication Design (VCD) study program has proven it’s quality by got accredited “B”. This accreditation result is based on SK BAN-PT No. 210/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/II/2019 on February 26, 2019.

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01 Mar 2019

President University Opens New Collaboration with Universitas Indonesia

Monday (25/2), President University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Universitas Indonesia (UI) at Universitas Indonesia Campus, Depok, West Java. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Rector of President University, Prof. Dr. Jony O. Haryanto and Rector of the Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis. The cooperation covers the Tri Dharma of higher education which are: education and teaching, research and development and community service.

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28 Feb 2019

Head of National Research Council: Business Strategy Need to Predict Standardization and Innovation

Tuesday (2/19), Head of the 2015-2018 National Research Council of Indonesia , Dr. Ir. Bambang Setiadi, IPU became a speaker at a seminar titled "Standardization VS Innovation" which was held in President Executive Club, Cikarang. The event was organized by the President University Development Center in collaboration with the President Research Center and the President Executive Club and was attended by companies and universities located in the Jababeka Industrial Estate.

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19 Feb 2019

President University Signed MoU with Osaka University of Tourism Japan

Bekasi – 13 February 2019. President University signed Memorandum of Understanding with Osaka University of Tourism Japan at President University’s main campus at Jl. KH Dewantara, Jababeka, Cikarang, Bekasi, Indonesia. President University represented by Handa S. Abidin, Vice Rector for Communication and Partnership while Osaka University of Tourism represented by Tetsuya Otsuka as Director.

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