Published: 15 Jun 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia – President University will participate as the co-host university in a National Seminar of Scholars themed "The Contribution of Young Scholars in the Field of Science, Technology and Cultural Art for a Better Indonesia". The seminar will be held on September 6, 2017, at Universitas Trisakti. This seminar is organised as a forum for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate students to publish their scientific papers/thesis in order to qualify for graduation.

President University has signed a MoU on May 31, 2017, collaborated with Universitas Trisakti, Institut Teknologi Indonesia, Universitas Lancang Kuning, and Universitas Islam Kalimantan Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjari (UNISKA MAB) to held the seminar.

In this 3rd national seminar, Universitas Trisakti research institute decided to cooperate with other universities to let students from various universities in Indonesia could participate in this seminar.

Dr-Eng. Lydia Anggraini, S.T., M.Eng., the Head of Mechanical Engineering Study Programme will send and support five students from mechanical engineering who participated in the seminar. This is the 2nd years for President University to participate in this event.

"Because this is a multidisciplinary event, I hope the other study programmes in President University could participate in this event as well. This event should not only be in the national level, but also in the international level. The publications generated from this event could be indexed in SCOPUS", said Lydia.

The topic for the paper is Bussiness and Economic, Social and Politics, Medicines, Dentistry, Literature, Culture and Historicity, Design and Art. For the paper requirements are maximum 6 pages (A4), excess pages will be Rp. 50.000/page, and the registration fee will be Rp. 350.000/paper. The deadline for the paper submission is August 6, 2017.

According to the Regulation of Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia No. 44 of 2015 and Circular Letter of the General Directorate of Higher Education (Ditjen Dikti) Ministry of Education and Culture number 152 / E / T / 2012 dated January 27, 2012. Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate students required to publish their thesis and scientific papers in order to qualify for graduation. All of the presented papers will be published to the official website (YE)